To support those who might need financial assistance to attend, you can sponsor a participant or contribute to the travel fund. Ministry and church leaders attending must personally contribute towards the cost, your support will supplement it, enabling more individuals to participate and make a meaningful impact.

Sponsor a Participant

One way to support the Luso-Africa Global Mission Gathering is by sponsoring a participant. This allows you to cover a portion of the registration, travel, and accommodation costs for a church or ministry leader who may have difficulty financing their attendance. By sponsoring a participant, you enable them to connect with peers and learn from other ministries. 

Contribute to the registration cost of a church or ministry leader by sponsoring a participant for $190. 

Sponsor a Participant . . . . . . . . . . $190.00

Each sponsored participant is responsible for paying $60 of their own registration cost.

Contribute to Travel Fund

A second way is to contribute to the travel fund, which aims to offset some travel costs for participants who live far from Luanda or reside in other countries and may not otherwise have the financial means to attend the event. Your contribution to this fund will allow more individuals to join this gathering and connect with other like-minded church and ministry leaders.

We are bringing together church and ministry leaders from different parts of Africa, with travel costs ranging from $100.00 to $1200.00.

Contribute to Travel Fund. . . . . . . $100+

Participants are responsible for their travel costs; this fund will only supplement the overall cost.