The Luso-Africa Global Mission Gathering is an international mission conference that aims to unite, train, and empower ministries and church leaders to ignite and fuel the spread of the Gospel in Luso-Africa and strengthen the impact of the Church of Christ in Portuguese-speaking Africa.

This event will unite church leaders and ministry workers from various parts of the world, several African countries, and different provinces of Angola. Attendees are expected from Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Eswatini, Namibia, Zambia, Ghana, Benin, the US, and Australia, creating a unique opportunity to network, connect, learn, and collaborate on global missions. 

2025 Gathering

The first Luso-Africa Global Mission Gathering held in Luanda, Angola was a huge success. Over 90 participants from 12 countries and from all over Angola participated.

The Christian Chronicle has posted these wonderful stories about the event.


At the end of the event, André Banda, a church leader from the Church of Christ in Angola encouraged our brothers from Mozambique to host the next conference in Mozambique in 2025.  


The principal objectives of this event are to:


Connect Luso-African churches and leaders to each other and to other individuals and ministries that will help them further Kingdom growth in Portuguese-speaking Africa.

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Create an environment ideal for sharing experiences and resources among church leaders and ministries working in the varied contexts of Luso-Africa or those with a vision to do so.


Introduce tools and provide resources for discipleship, evangelism, church planting, and leadership to strengthen the impact of the ability of the Church to reach new regions of Luso-Africa.

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Facilitate cooperation between ministries and churches, leading to a more coordinated approach to spreading the Gospel beyond borders, across oceans, and despite language barriers.


Build community and fellowship among Christians and churches throughout Luso-Africa and with the global Church to promote a sense of connection and shared mission.

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Event Sponsors

This bilingual gathering, which will be conducted in English and Portuguese, is a joint effort between LAMP International, Gospel Share MissionsIron Rose Sister Ministries and the Church of Christ in Angola

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Igreja de Cristo em Angola